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Most yard signs come in two standard sizes
18in. x 12in. 
18in. x 24in.
However we can make the signs almost any size you want them to be.


Window Decals do not have a standard size.  They can be put on a car window, a house window or on window in a business building.
They can come in many different colors, and are a great way to advertise you company and what services or products you provide.  Or just to let your customers know when you are open.


Magnetic Signs are a way of advertising your business on your personal vehicle with out permanently marking it.
This is especally good on trucks because you can have a magnetic on the back of the vehicle.  When you are stopped at a stop light customers are looking at the back of your vehicle anyway so give them something to read. 
Standard sizes are
12in. x 12in.
12in. x 24in.    Most Popular Size
18in. x 24in.
Custom Sizes Avalible

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Phone 336-996-7118
e-mail  mandssystems@embarqmail.com
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